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Here at BBWcon we’re ALL about having the time of your life so we have included some events to bring folks to their knees… I know what you’re thinking, pervs! LOL, NO, not that… I’m talking about laughing till you PEE! Below you will find a list of events and what the entail.

Seriously though… can’t NOBODY party like us!!!


• Minute to Win It Social •
This is a super fun game where attendees complete wild and wacky challenges in a minute or less for AWESOME or not so awesome prizes. Prizes are picked complete by random so you won’t know if you’ve scored big or got the gag, but it’s a risk you’ll want to take!

Whether is being tying cherries with your tongue, being wrapped in toilet paper, keeping multiple balloons in the air using only your head, moving Skittles with a straw, stacking dice with cups on your hands, putting fruit filled pantyhose on your head… or really any kind of nonsense we can come up with… this is a fun game that will keep tears in your eyes. And who knows… you might even win something from the spank bank!

• Boobie Bounce Offathon •
You are all familiar with the booty shaking contests, well we’re bringing you the Boobie Bouce Off. Desiree Devine will demonstrate her infamous Boobie Bounce to the participating ladies. Then each lady will have a turn to see if they have what it takes to bounce their boobies like a beast. The best boobie bounce with the most audience appreciation will win a bra length string of tickets for the Friday night 50/50 Jackpot raffle!

• Blind Man’s Swag Social •
For this game participants will be divided into couples. One partner in each couple will be completely blindfolded. NO PEEKING. All couples start on one side of the room and after the partners are blindfolded we reveal the secret swag. The players that are not blindfolded must remain where they stand and lead their partners to the prize using only their words (no touching). The first one to grab the swag wins, but the hilarity of watching the players try and get there will be laughed about for years.

Expo Follies

• Trade Show Tag’m N’ Bag’m •
Trade show exhibitors will be given a clothes pin at the beginning of each day. Their goal is to discreetly clip it onto someone else’s person. Afterward they walk away and call out “Tag’m and Bag’m”. Everyone then starts a countdown from 5 as they search frantically to see if they were the one tagged. If the tagged person doesn’t pull off the clothes pin before the countdown is finished then they must reach into the bag of fate.

The bag of fate contains fun prizes, penalties, challenges or dares that the the person must complete. It is then their turn to be the tagger. If the person does find the pin in time the the original tagger must draw from the bag of fate, and they remain the tagger. Taggers can pass off the tagging duty to another player so that everyone doesn’t know who the tagger is, but they are still the one’s who have to take the penalty if the person finds their tag.

Party Time Palooza

• 50/50 Jackpot Raffle •
This here pretty much speaks for itself! Raffle tickets will be sold 1/$2 – chest length string/$10, Hip & Booty length sting $20. 50% of the ticket sales go back to the event to help cover event costs and the other 50% goes towards the jackpot. At the end of each nightly party we will draw to see who wins the JACKPOT! It is Vegas after all. ☺Raffle tickets will be sold at registration during expo hours and at the entry of each party… get some!

• Hourly Giveaways •
Now you may be thinking, I don’t need no cheap whatever so don’t stop the party for that BS. Well we are here to raise the giveaway bar. Every hour on the hour during our nightly parties we will be giving away items at random for the ladies AND the gentleman. Each party goer will receive a ticket upon entry and every hour a ticket number will be called. You MUST be present to win or you forfeit your gift! Giveaway items may include, but are not guaranteed nor limited to: Name brand hand bags, Name brand tools, dinner vouchers, gift certificates and more!

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